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If the periods are very meager and are accompanied by general weakness, depression, headaches, apathy, frigidity, in this case they resort to buy atorvastatin pills and physiotherapeutic treatment in order to eliminate functional disorders. In the period of premenopause and lactation, specific special treatment for scanty periods is not required. Scanty menstruation (hypomenorrhea) is a violation of menstrual function, in which the amount of bleeding does not exceed 50 ml. The disorder can have physiological causes or occur after operations, injuries, against the background of various diseases - malformations, inflammatory diseases of the genital area, endocrine pathology, brain tumors.

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To determine the cause of scanty menstruation, a gynecological examination, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, endoscopic and laboratory methods are used. With physiological hypomenorrhea, treatment is not prescribed. In other cases, the choice of therapy takes into account the origin of the symptom.

With meager periods, small spotting appears. Less commonly, they look like dark brown bloody drops. With the protection of lipitor during such menstruation, ordinary daily and even ultra-thin pads do a good job. Often, the duration of the menstrual period is reduced to 1-2 days (oligomenorrhea), and the cycles are lengthened to 2-3 months (opsomenorrhea) and even longer (spaniomenorrhea). Usually, such menstruation passes without pain and deterioration of well-being.

Normally, the menstrual cycle is implemented and regulated by a complex system, including both the internal genital organs (uterus, ovaries) and parts of the brain (pituitary gland, hypothalamus, cortex). With violations at any of these levels, it is possible to shorten the duration of menstruation, lengthen the intervals between them, and reduce the amount of menstrual blood. The reasons for such changes are natural (physiological) or pathological, associated with the development of diseases.

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For most teenagers, scanty spotting during menstruation is normal during the formation of the menstrual cycle. Hypomenorrhea is caused by irregular production of estrogen and progesterone, the main hormones that regulate menstruation. As a rule, after the first menstruation (menarche), which occurred at the age of 11-15, the following menstrual bleeding begins at different intervals - from 25 to 56 days. Their duration and intensity vary from cycle to cycle, often the discharge remains meager, spotting and lasts no longer than 2 days.

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A regular monthly cycle with the usual volume of blood loss is established in 1-2 years. If scanty periods persist for 2-3 years, the intermenstrual period lasts longer than 5-6 weeks, the intervals between individual bleedings differ by more than 10 days, or spotting brown discharge appears 2-4 times a year, a teenage girl needs to visit a gynecologist-endocrinologist . Such disorders may indicate both hormonal problems (adrenogenital syndrome) and some developmental anomalies (infantilism, uterine hypoplasia).

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A period of scanty dark brown discharge preceding complete prurituscessation of menstruation (menopause), usually occurs after 40-45 years and lasts 1.5-2 years or a little longer.

If signs of hypomenorrhea appear earlier, especially before the age of 35-40, and persist in several cycles, it is urgent to contact a gynecologist. In these cases, it is important to diagnose ovarian failure syndrome, resistant ovarian disease, and other diseases that can provoke a pathological early menopause in time. In 80% of breastfeeding women, menstrual flow appears 6-10 weeks after the end of atorvastatin pills. The first 2-3 cycles are characterized by irregularity and scarcity of secretions. Normally, on the 4-5th month, the cyclicity and volume of menstruation are completely restored.

In 20% of nursing mothers, menstruation resumes when switching to mixed feeding with the introduction of complementary foods.

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Since prolactin is secreted at this time, which stimulates milk production and slows down the onset of menstruation, the discharge is scarce and more rare.

Scanty menstrual flow when taking COCs or using the Mirena system is the absolute norm for most women. Such periods usually come on rhythmically, last 3-5 days, proceed almost painlessly, the amount of blood lost does not exceed 40-60 ml. In 30% of patients at the beginning of contraception or with the wrong selection of an oral contraceptive, intermenstrual brownish discharge is possible. Usually the situation is completely normalized in 2-3 months. A visit to the gynecologist is necessary for longer violations or the complete disappearance of menstruation.

Abortions and curettage of the uterus.

Injuries to the uterine wall with frequent artificial termination of pregnancy or diagnostic curettage of the mucosa can provoke the formation of adhesions in the uterine cavity (Asherman's syndrome). After another intrauterine manipulation, the patient notices that menstruation has become meager and sharply painful, although their regularity remains. With the progression of atorvastatin process, menstruation completely stops. In rare cases, the pathology develops after one complicated abortion or curettage (for example, removal of the placenta after childbirth).

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  • Inflammatory diseases of lipitor.
  • Sometimes scanty brownish discharge is the result of inflammation of the internal genital organs.
  • In such cases, even before the onset of hypomenorrhea, the patient is constantly or periodically disturbed by aching pains in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea), itching in the vagina and vulva, fever.
  • Often there is a connection with a change of sexual partner, an abortion, a difficult birth. With hypomenorrhea flow.